Welcome to the Bionaz's lab!

We investigateĀ nutrigenomics in dairy animals, effect of milk on human health, wellbeing of dairy animals, systems biology, and use of hemp byproducts in livestock


Sebastiano is starting a post-doctoral position at North Carolina State University with Dr. Cranos Williams this coming September. Congratulations!
A paper with Sebastiano Busato as first author was published in the journal Gene
The paper titled "In vitro-in vivo hybrid approach for studying modulation of NRF2 in immortalized bovine mammary cells" with Hunter Ford, Sebastiano Busato and Massimo Bionaz as authors was just published on Frontiers in Animal Science. Congratulations to Hunter as this is his first manuscript published as first author!
Our latest review titled "Advances in fatty acids nutrition in dairy cows: from gut to cells and effects on performance" was just published for the special issue titled "Advances on the interactions among nutrition, genomics, and physiology in dairy cattle" of the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology edited by Dr. Juan J Loor.