Welcome to the Bionaz's lab!

We investigateĀ nutrigenomics in dairy animals, effect of milk on human health, wellbeing of dairy animals, systems biology, and use of hemp byproducts in livestock


Our paper on the transcriptome role of NRF2 in bovine cells was published in the special issue of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences "The Nrf2 Pathway: Regulation, Functions, and Potential Applications 3.0". The paper is available here https://www.mdpi.com/1422-0067/25/8/4264
A Press Release was published on February 7, 2024, about our article on using spent hemp biomass as feed for dairy cows.
This paper reports the effects on performance, activity, metabolism, oxidative stress, liver health, and immunity of late lactating Jersey dairy cows that received up to 8% spent hemp biomass in the diet for 1 month, followed by 1-month withdrawal.
The first paper ever published on the use of spent hemp biomass with ruminant was published in the Journal of Animal Science
Dr. Hunter Ford started as post-doctoral researcher with Dr. Clarissa Strieder-Barboza at Texas Tech University