Welcome to the Bionaz's lab!

We investigateĀ nutrigenomics in dairy animals, effect of milk on human health, wellbeing of dairy animals, systems biology, and use of hemp byproducts in livestock


Brandon Batty was awarded the ADSA Foundation Grad. Student Lit. Review Award in Dairy Foods
The paper titled "Selenium Biofortified Alfalfa Hay Fed in Low Quantities Improves Selenium Status and Glutathione Peroxidase Activity in Transition Dairy Cows and Their Calves" with Shana Jaaf as first author is published in the Journal of Dairy Research
Shana successfully graduate as PhD student with a thesis titled "Effect of agronomically Se biofortified hay on oxidative status, metabolic and inflammation markers, and immune response of transition primiparous dairy cows and their calves". Congratulations!
Press release of the review by Brandon about milk and bone published in the Journal of Dairy Science
Angela graduated as a Master Student