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Paper published on activation of PPAR by combination of fatty acids

A paper with Sebastiano Busato as first author was published in the journal Gene

In this manuscript we determined the dose-response in activation of PPAR in bovine hepatic cells of several fatty acids usually abundant in circulation of dairy cows. The data clearly indicated that lauric acid (C12:0) has a linear increase in activation of PPAR while palmitic and stearic acids have a quadratic effect, with less effect for other fatty acids. The combination of two or three fatty acids had a large increase in PPAR activation compared to the use of any single fatty acid. We determined that a combination of C12:0, C16:0, and C18:0 provides the maximal activation of PPAR in our model. The results obtained provide an essential step to move forward to in vivo nutrigenomic applications in dairy cows.

The manuscript is freely accessible here

Congratulations to Sebastiano for his third manuscript as first author from his PhD research (plus 6 other manuscripts as co-author).