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Paper published in the Journal of Dairy Research

The paper titled "Selenium Biofortified Alfalfa Hay Fed in Low Quantities Improves Selenium Status and Glutathione Peroxidase Activity in Transition Dairy Cows and Their Calves" with Shana Jaaf as first author is published in the Journal of Dairy Research

This is the first manuscript from the project tiled “Effect of Selenium-Enriched Hay fed to cows during the dry period on immunity of peripartum cows and calves”. In this paper we demonstrated that the use of a relatively low amount of Se-biofortified hay (1% of BW) fed from 40 days prior parturition to 14 days post-partum is enough to improve the Se level in blood, liver, and colostrum of primiparous dairy cows and in plasma of their calves improving also the glutathione peroxidase activity in blood. However, level of Se in milk was not affected. We also found some differences in the response between Jersey and Holstein cows.


Congratulations to Shana for her second manuscript as first authors to be published!