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Hunter Ford

PhD Student


Hunter is interested in pursuing an academic career. He is especially interested in secondary metabolites involved in the control of Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2, as potential nutrigenomic intervention to help livestock to face oxidative stress. Hunter research focus is to improve oxidative stress in dairy aniomals via nutrigenomics properties of secondary metabolites in plants

Hunter grew up in the state of Washington in a sheep farm. He got is bachelor degree at Clemson University

Hunter main reseach

Control of Oxidative Stress through Gene-Diet Interaction in Dairy Cows

- Role of specialized pastures on metabolic status, oxidative stress, and immune-related parameters in dairy cows (PI Dr. Sekan Ates)

Effect of Se biofortified chicory pasture on immune system and response to intramammary infection in ewes

Effect of chicory silage and selenium on transition period of ewes

Hunter is co-advised by Dr. Serkan Ates and Dr. Massimo Bionaz