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Johan Osorio Estevez

Postdoctoral Scholar

Johan was in our laboratory from April 2015 to April 2017, He worked on several projects but his main tasks were to set up the laboratory and develop tool for molecular biology experiments to conduct nutrigenomic-related studies. While in Bionaz's lab, Johan leaned to design plasmids and temporarely and permanently transfecting them into bovine cells, to use gene reporter assays, to use microscopy and image analysis software. He also developed protocols to magnetically isolate cells. He was also awarded as PI a grant from the USDA Animal Health and Disease to investigate the possibility of studying gene expression of intestine in calves by using a non-invasive technique (ORE00144). The project was completed by mid 2017. Johan is now an Assistant Professor in the Dairy and Food Science department at South-Dakota State University.