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Effect on lambs of supplementation of selenium and chicory to dams

Hypotheses: 1) Gestational and post-parturient supplementation of organic Se in sheep is an effective means of Se supplementation in neonatal lambs. Neonates who receive organic Se from their dam (via placenta, colostrum, and milk) have improved antioxidative status, immune parameters, average daily gain, Se blood concentration, IgG, and GPx concentrations as compared to lambs that receive a single injection of inorganic Se and are born from a dam receiving the same injection during pregnancy. 2) Lambs born from sheep fed with chicory and Se-yeast transfer secondary compounds via milk and induce a better immune and antioxidative status in lambs compared to lambs born from sheep receiving grass silage and/or no supplementation of Se-yeast.

Objectives: In order to test the above hypothesis our objective is to take advantage of blood collected from the lambs at different time points during the trial reported in Figure 1 to analyze Se, antioxidative enzymes (e.g., GPx), immunoglobulins, and minerals status.

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